Heating Services

CJN Heating Plumbing & Gas Services can help with any heating problems that you have or install a brand new heating system for you.

Boiler Repairs

Is your boiler broken?  CJN Heating can provide one-off boiler repairs.  During an appointment your boiler will be assessed and a fixed price quote and advice will be given on how to proceed and what parts your require. CJN Heating will ensure that you get the life out of your boiler.

Boiler Servicing

Everyone knows that carbon monoxide is a silent killer, but many people fail to get their boiler serviced on a yearly basis.  Don’t put your life at risk, CJN Heating can provide a full boiler service and ensure that your boiler is not faulty or leaking gas.  CJN Heating can also recommend a good carbon monoxide alarm to protect you and your family.

New Boiler

Have you had enough of your old system.  Has your boiler been shut down and classed as ‘at risk’.  CJN Heating is happy to provide you with a quote for a new boiler and heating system.  Following an inspection of your home, you will be provided with a fixed price quote and recommended a boiler that will best suit your needs.

Heating upgrades

If you just want to upgrade your heating system, CJN Heating can help.  If you would like new heating controls, a filter installed on your boiler, new radiators installed or thermostatic radiator valves fitted just give CJN Heating a call for a quote.


If your heating is not working properly, your radiators feel cold in places or take a long time to heat up, or your boiler is noisy, you might need a powerflush. Powerflushing is a cleaning process which removes deposits of sludge, rust and any other debris from your central heating system.  If let untreated, they can cause damage to your heating system which can in turn be expensive to repair.  With a powerflush you are able to restore full circulation of water around your heating system. CJN Heating can provide a powerflushing service for you at a reasonable cost.  This service is particularly recommended when installing a new boiler to avoid any contaminants.